Local workflow#

Your first steps with the Flavours CLI and the Flavours registry. This example uses PHP and Laravel; the principles for other stacks are the same.

Set up your enivironment#

Two components are required, Docker and the Flavours CLI.


Please install:

Create a project#

Clone the “getting-started-with” project for the PHP stack:

git clone https://github.com/flavours/getting-started-with-php
cd getting-started-with-php

Install an addon into the project#

We will add the laravel-responsecache package. It’s an open-source addon, released the Belgian agency Spatie, and can improve performance of Laravel sites by caching responses.

In your project directory, run:

flavour add composer/spatie/laravel-responsecache:6.1.1`

The flavour CLI will check the default registry at addons.flavours.dev and look for this addon.

You can take a look at the Background section of this documentation for more information.

This is all you have to do to trigger a simple installation. Use git diff to see what changes have been applied to the project.